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  • American Civil War Action    Figures - 1/6 scale action figures depicting various regiments from the    North and South. 

  • Carrot's 12"    Military Action Figures - Reviews, and photographs regarding 1/6th scale    action figures from 21st Century Toys, Dragon Models, and Yellow Submarine. 

  • Collectible    Action Figure Reviews - Photos and reviews of dozen of collectible    action figures, such as G.I. Joe, Action Man, Dragon, Blue Box Elite, Max    Steel, Formative Soldiers of the World, and Captain Action. 

  • Ian and Todd's    Ultimate Soldiers - Collector shares Vietnam and World War II    collectible toy soldier action figures, photo gallery, projects, and links. 

  • The Phantom Brigade    - This site is about the 1/6 scale hobby. It is focused around WWII and    based in NW Ohio. 

  • The 1/6th Combat    Engineers - Information and projects for GI Joe, 12 inch action figure    hobbyists and the 1/6th scale modelling community.