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  • Absolute Swords.com -    Includes Lord of the Rings swords, fantasy swords, battle axes, medieval    helmets, spears, oriental swords, daggers, and shields. 

  • Bladezilla.com - Offers a large    selection of collectible swords. 

  • Crusader-Swords - Offers    collectible replicas of historic swords including Richard the Lionheart's    sword, the Black Prince's sword, William Wallace's great longsword (featured    in the film Braveheart). 

  • The Dragon's Edge - Specializes    in knives, swords, martial arts gear, and collectibles. 

  • Empire Swords - Features many    different styles of collectible knives, swords, and movie replicas as well    as self defense products and police items. 

  • Japanese Sword - Includes fine    antique Japanese swords and fittings from personal collection and other    collectors. 

  • Japanese Sword Collector    - Buying and selling authentic Japanese swords and fittings. 

  • Japanese Sword Exchange    - Specializes in Japanese swords, fittings, and related items. 

  • Marlow White - US military    swords and sabers, hand crafted. 

  • Medieval Swords - Directory    of finely-made medieval weapons and armor, including swords, shields,    knives, and katanas. 

  • Nipponto - Italian dealer in    antique Japanese swords, tsuba, and bronzes. 

  • Optimus International, Inc. -    Specializing in Roman and Medieval Knight swords, costumes, period clothing    and armor. 

  • Oriental Weaponry -    Selling reproduction oriental weaponry including Hanwei, Denix, and Ancient    Warrior. 

  • Ryumado.com - Offers antique    Japanese swords and fittings as well as other nihonto related items such as    tsuba, menuki, fuchi kashira, kogai, as well as katanas and wakizashi from    the koto, shinto, and gendai periods. 

  • 7Seas-Net, Ltd. - Offering Samurai,    Bushido, and other Japanese swords, armor, and collectibles. 

  • Swords and    Medieval Collectibles - Offers a large variety of swords, daggers,    shields, armor, and pewter gifts from the Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic,    Oriental, and Roman era. Includes swords from movies or television shows,    such as Lord Of the Rings. Also offers display goblets, chess sets,    miniature gifts, and collectibles. 

  • To The Hilt - Swords and    accessories including replica, display, and re-enactment. 

  • Token Sugita Europe - Offers    antique Japanese swords in mint condition, polished, and with proper    Japanese papers from experts of the Japanese Sword Museum. 

  • Tom Nardi Sword    Restoration Services - Provides restoration of all military swords of    United States origin. Offering supplies and restoration services for the    antique sword collecting community. Sword makers include Ames Roby Horstman    and Tiffany. 

  • WKC - Ceremonial swords,    sabers, daggers, uniform accessories, and blades. Made in Solingen, Germany.