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  • Bushido Japanese Swords and    Restoration - Specializes in Japanese sword polishing and other    restoration services by specialist, Robert Benson. Based in Honolulu. 

  • Forever Edge - Japanese sword    polishing and custom mounting by Brandon T, located in the US. 

  • Hizen Japanese Swordsmiths -    Specializing on the Hizen school of Japanese Swordsmiths that include the    Tadayoshi line of swordsmiths, with history, links, wanted and for sale    items and book reviews. 

  • Japanese Art Sword Polish    Restoration Services and Prices - Professional Japanese sword polishing    and restoration services by David S. Hofhine, Kensei Ltd. References    available. Based in the United States. 

  • JohnD's Sword Polishing    - Producing and promoting Japanese-style swords and accessories. 

  • Kenji Mishina, Japanese    Sword Polisher - Offers services, examples of his work, lectures, links    to other sword specialists. 

  • Legacy Arts Sword Polishing and    Restoration - Ted Tenold is a polisher in both modern and traditional    polishing methods of modern domestic smiths to antique restoration projects. 

  • Modern Japanese Sword Smiths,    Polishers and More - Articles on Japanese sword making, polishing,    glossary, and list of further resources. 

  • Motoyasu Togi Sword    Polishing - Articles on sword polishing and choosing a sword polisher. 

  • Namahage Sword - Handcrafted    Japanese style katana, wakizashi and tanto by swordsmith by Anthony    DiCristofano from Illinois, USA. 

  • Sadanao    Mikami - Photoessay of the swordsmiths traditional forging process. 

  • Summerchild Sword Polishing -    Sword polishing and restoration by Keith Larman.