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  • The Highlander Sword    Shopper's Guide - Newsletter guide evaluates all Highlander-style swords    from replicas to Taiwanese. Gives photos, discussions, and letters to the    editor. 

  • Mediaeval Sword - Information on    antique European medieval edged weapons from the Dark Ages to 1500 AD.    Includes a list of related events, museums and bibliography. 

  • Oakeshott Institute - Minnesota    based institute with mission statement, sword documentation project,    research and articles, and typology. 

  • Pihakaetta - A collector    demonstrates and explains the piha, an edged blade from Sri Lanka. 

  • Sabres -    Documents the history, use, and photos of Russian sabres from the 9th to    early 20th century. 

  • The Swordcollector    Homepage - Includes collector's forum, articles, sword identification,    resources, classifieds, and dealer links.